TradeMiner – All You Need to Know


Gecko Computer software, Inc.


RAM 2GB (more is much better). Requires Internet connectivity for setup, but maybe not to run the program it self, CPU: 2.4 GHz or maybe more.

Price: $197.00 each variant: Stocks, Futures, Forex. No monthly fee, once-annual data update $69.00 per variant. (14day moneyback guarantee.)

4 Gecko Software’s Trademiner is really a deceptively simple trading program that “mines” for recurring patterns and cycles in cost info. The software is available in three modules: Futures, Stocks and Forex. Each could be bought as a standalone application, and each one functions in essentially the same manner. The price of Trademiner comprises info for 25 forex pairs, 600 stocks, and almost every goods. The information is updated annually for a nominal price. Trademiner is an extremely affordable choice for all those dealers wanting to recognize short-to-intermediateterm trading opportunities predicated on previous price history.

Gecko Awards
4 Once the program is purchased by someone, a link will probably be emailed that’ll comprise the program. The setup takes only minutes, and you’ll be up and running practically immediately.

Within the software there’s an “Education” tab that starts a web browser associated with Gecko’s “Electronic Instruction Center.” The site offers numerous instructional videos that comprise each facet of the software. Particularly helpful are the videos covering each one of the modules. The videos do point out exceptional applications of the software tailored to that particular module, despite the fact that each module functions essentially exactly the same.

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Features: 4 out of 4

Trademiner lives as much as its name for a data mining application. The user has the capacity to look for, or mine, historic data patterns that fulfill certain defined standards. Obviously, by the very trait of the plan, you have to think within the notion of repeating patterns and cycles. It’s beyond the range of the review to go over all of the literature on each side of the argument regarding trading historical patterns, but it’s critical to utilize just a little good sense when working with Trademiner. For instance, after entering your constraints you may possibly discover the software simply creates a couple of historic examples given your parameters. With just several samples it is hard to assign statistical value. As such, you might need to find other commerce opportunities.

The data mining part of Trademiner can hunt in two ways: By special security, or by month. Simply pick a month, enter your constraints, and you’ll be presented with a list of possible trades. Hunting by security works in exactly the same manner. Probably the most useful mode of sorting is by “Score.” Trademiner helpfully assigns a colour predicated by how good the results fit the criteria selected. Green is better, followed by yellowish, and red. The score is based not only on yield, but also duration and risk of commerce. (All things being equal, a shorter is recognized as preferable.))

This is really of good use as it enables an individual to print out straightforward, concise “trade sheets,” which can be the next best thing after having the capability to directly link a brokerage account. (Maybe in the next version?)

Each module of Trademiner also provides the capability to the user to produce and save an endless amount of sub-sets of securities within the universe.



Gecko Software’s Trademiner may be the unique trading application which are at once intuitive, complete and exceptionally userfriendly. Intuitive for the reason that the fundamental philosophy supporting the software should appeal to users on the absolute most simple level. I have no idea of any dealer who considers that patterns and cycles aren’t embedded in to costs in some way. Last, Trademiner is userfriendly. Even minus the tutorials, an user can simply determine the gist of the software in just a matter of moments. Generally Speaking, Gecko has produced an extremely useable product at quite a decent cost.

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