Imagine if I could let you know of a stock which has climbed a large number of the full time, within the previous ten years, between February 9th? and February 3rd Can you need to understand what that stock was?

Or, imagine in the event that you wished to know when the optimum time of the season was to purchase Apple for swing trading between 10 and 3 trading days? I will let you know – it really is October.

That’s what Trademiner does.

Is TradeMiner Worth it?

Trademiner is a software application that you down load to your personal computer. It scans for historically lucrative trends and market cycles previously. The notion is that if a particular cycle, tendency, or design has consistently shown up in earlier times then it’ll probably recur later on.

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Let us have a glance at this application and I will demonstrate how it works.

You will find 2 tabs at the very top. These are:

Step 1: Mine
Step Two: Portfolio


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At the very least ten years backtest.

As well as telling you the stock to be sold by what day and what day to purchase the stock, it provides a lot to you of data about the trade including

Calendar days
Years of back-testing
Danger to reward
Average daily gain
Maximum drawdown

Does Trademiner really work?

Yes. However, you must understand what it isn’t – and just what this software application is.

Trademiner is really an investigation tool – not really a trading system. You can apply this tool to raise the chances of the trade but let us get real: Simply because a stock followed a particular routine within the past doesn’t mean that it’s going to repeat with 100% conviction within the future. If a software like that existed, no one could sell it. They’d sit in a hammock within the Caribbean drinking margaritas using a notebook making huge amount of money!

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This application does just what it says it does. If finds consistent patterns previously and you may use those patterns to your benefit.
Below are a few sample trades

Stock Trade Using Trademiner

stock trade using Trademiner stock trade using Trademiner stock trade using Trademiner stock trade using Trademiner Keep in mind that most of these purchase and sell signals are created by what these stocks did in yesteryear on those dates.
My ideas on Trademiner

Yeah! One more thing I love about Trademiner is how quickly the application is. It really is super fast! It just requires a couple of seconds to locate trading opportunities.

However there are some things I do not enjoy.

The very first thing is because there’s really no method to scan by price. I will sort by price, only maybe not scan by price.

The 2nd thing that I do not like is that it does not include every stock. Granted, that’s quite several stocks but I’ve attempted to sort in a ticker symbol as well as the stock which I liked to trade was not listed. Also, they don’t record any ETF’s. They say the main reason behind this is because:

They’re a comparatively recent addition to the stock exchange, and due to that, they dont have a lot of history to work well with.

Update 2012: Trademiner now lists a number of the very active ETF’s by quantity.

The 3rd thing is because there are really no stock charts within the application. This appears to me like an apparent characteristic that’s missing.
Then discover the dates the stock has been lucrative within days gone by (the purchase and sell signals). On those dates, search for trading setups in the daily graph. If you find some thing which you like, then you definitely may consider trading it. I, however, would not simply blindly purchase or sell a stock since the application tells you to! You must purchase and sell stocks predicated all on your own trading strategy.

Here’s a quotation from the Q&A page:

Do they provide support?

Yes. There’s a genuinely educational starting out video that describes the way to utilize the application. They’ve a PDF guide, web seminars, q&a page, and audio interviews. You will not have a difficult time figuring out the way to utilize the applications application. It is really quite easy to utilize and intuitive.

Trademiner does not provide a trial version however there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee. The price is $ 97 and they’ll contact you to really see if you need to upgrade the data cube every year.
Main point here

Trademiner is a wonderful software application. It’s an exceptional tool in the event that you employ the application for what it had been meant to utilize in your trading. However, should you believe you will down load this application and begin making millions within the stock exchange then you’ll be disappointed.

Because no computer software application does that.

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